Thursday, January 27, 2011

Updates and shit

Been too busy lately to finish the tour blog, sorry bout that. I think I'll post the last 2 weeks in one post. But for now, some quick news.

The Snakecharmers EP is finally seeing a vinyl release through French outfit Prototype Records. We've just sent the masters off to France, and artwork is completed. We're doing a small run of 300 one-sided 12 inches, with a limited amount on mixed black and white vinyl. We'll have pre-orders up soon, and we've got a shirt design that our friend Anthony from Gaza is doing for us that we'll have in conjunction with the release. Hopefully we'll see a release date in March. Here's a preview of the cover art:

Secondly, we've got a 3-way split release with Divider (Long Island, NY) and Plebeian Grandstand (Toulouse, France) coming out later this spring. This will be a vinyl release as well. Plebeian Grandstand has just finished tracking, and so have we, Divider will be finishing up their contribution later this February. This'll be seeing a stateside release through Mayfly Records (Former Thieves, Pianos Become The Teeth, Deadhead, Canyons), and a European release through Throatruiner Records (As We Draw, Pariso, Nesseria, Birds In Row), with cover art by Chilean artist Daniel Campos. Really fucking excited about this split, everyone involved is amazing. Look out for this humdinger around April.

Any parties interested in releasing this split on CD, get in touch with us.

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